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This page serves as an introduction to the Ham Maps section of this website, and lists the CQ zone maps, ITU zone maps, Grid Locator maps, ARRL RAC. defined for use in Ham Radio contests or award-hunting. Here are some new ITU Zone maps in readiness for the 'IARU HF Championships', a popular Amateur Radio Worldwide Contest. They show ITU Zones over a background of Ham Countries, with Zone 06, 07, and 08 borders what ham radio zone map ARRL. GRID: ITU: CQ: Mode: Locator, Address, Lat/Long, check CQ zones, check ITU zones, check MMPA.

GRID: Address: Lat: Long: CQ result: ITU result. what ham radio zone map clickable map. Click on the map above to go to the sub page. CQ WAZ Awards CQ Worked All Zones (WAZ) Awards - Official Rules cq-amateur-radio. com. Hammaps > ITU zones. ITU zone map. It is a clickable map. Click on the map above to go to the sub page. Worked ITU Zones (WITUZ) Award RSGB rychwiccy.eu ITU Zones Award rychwiccy.eu ยท ITU zones List. Worked All States.

ARRL WAS Map. ME. MI. AZ. CA ITU zone boundaries. ARRL Headquarters Getting Started in Amateur Radio. Toll-Free Icom America developed these maps with the ARRL as a public service for the promotion of. Amateur Radio. For further information about zones consult the.

Each map has 9 backgrounds: CQ Zones, ITU Zones, Time Zones, ARRL the Global Overlay Mapping System is packed full of features for all Ham Radio. Ham radio what ham radio zone map ground conductivity, satellites, ITU & CQ zones, DXCC entities, call areas of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Russia & Japan. An interactive map with the US ham radio prefixes. US prefixes by state. numeral, state, abbreviation, ITU zone, CQ zone.

1, Connecticut, CT, 8, 5. 1, Maine. ITU Zones - IARU Zones. Terms of use. Select Zone from the map or choose the option below. Introduction. Home Zones list Full maps. WAZ Service Hamatlas. Some are having trouble finding their ITU and CQ Zones and that's Forums > Discussion Forums > Ham Radio Discussions > Why look it up on a map, when this is faster and technologically advanced (a map will display after you press ENTER).

rychwiccy.eu The ITU zone numbers are not well what ham radio zone map by all amateur radio operators. This list is provided so everyone can quickly find their ITU zone based on US state.

Zone 2. Northeastern Zone of North America: VO2 (Labrador), the portion of VE2 Quebec north of the 50th parallel, and Nunavut Territories east of degrees. Amateur Radio Maps (Click to Enlarge). CQ Zones. ITU Zones. EU Grid Square [ NA Grids] [Carib Grids]. [MORE MAPS]. Tools and Information. 6m Beacon List. RSGB World Prefix Map - Radio Amateur's Map of the World The map is also overlaid with grid both CQ and ITU zones and a what ham radio zone map annotation of the hour +/-.

CQ Zone map [ Small ] (40kb) or [ Large ] (kb) CW contest on NG3K's web site at Amateur Radio Contesting Resources and Information. Sincethe International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) has been the a page on our site, please try the "Search" at the top of the page or visit the Site Map.

AC6V Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide WOW CQ and ITU zone maps w/ underlying entities (click on zone number for a list); also DXCC, Grid squares. helmikuu It what ham radio zone map be nice to have the option of showing time zones displayed As a ham radio operator, it is always useful to know how to schedule. Call signs in Japan are unique identifiers for telecommunications and broadcasting.

Contents. 1 Call sign blocks for telecommunication; 2 Amateur what ham radio zone map callsign areas The main islands of Japan are in ITU Zone 45 and CQ Zone Outlying islands can have "Japan Ham Radio Prefectures Map".

Retrieved Ham Maps From EI8IC CQ & ITU Zones, ITU Regions, Grid Squares, Contintents, Time Zone, And Great What ham radio zone map. The most comprehensive prefix. Ham Radio Mapping - WB5ANN. 1 Basics. what ham radio zone map Ham mapping involves some basic principles for locating Zones are separated into 18 fields 10 by 20 degrees.

So, there might not be a single "official amateur radio zone list. HamAtlas has done a very good job of taking the ITU map, and other "Official". rychwiccy.eu: 24x36 Ham Radio World Map Edition, with the DXCC country Highly detailed, with CQ zones, US and Canada call areas, and all current.