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The latest Tweets from Justin Spiro (@DarkoStateNews). Spartan. Tar Heel. Detroit, MI. @jemelehill While I think you are racist against white people and anti-Semetic, I give you credit for having this dialogue. Good day! 1 reply 0. This Tweet is unavailable. Justin Spiro @DarkoStateNews 29 Apr More. Copy link to Darkostatenews twitter logo Embed Tweet. Replying to @JeffMossDSR. Replying to @DarkoStateNews @freep. What is Verlander referring to when he said “past descretions” about Fenech?

0 replies 0 retweets 0. Replying to @DarkoStateNews @JeffMossDSR. I'm sure it's for good this time. Jeff is good at keeping friends. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes. There will be an announcement coming from Darko State News pretty soon.

Finalizing details over the next couple days. AM - 15 Jul. Replying to @DarkoStateNews Justin Spiro @DarkoStateNews Jul More.

Copy link to Not matching the logo I see for them 0 replies. Replying darkostatenews twitter logo @DarkoStateNews. Would you have Rod Allen on? And if he came to the studio, what kind of chair would you offer him???. Replying to @DarkoStateNews @Castellani and 2 others.

@Castellani Justin Spiro @DarkoStateNews Jul More. Copy link to. @DarkoStateNews. Editor-in-Chief at rychwiccy.eu Currently living in Parking Lot # in the District Detroit. Detroit, MI.

Replying to @DarkoStateNews @Castellani and 2 others. Just darkostatenews twitter logo fantastic content. Totally agree with the Brady-Michigan legacy. Replying to @DarkoStateNews.

that price tag is ridiculous. Watch another player walk away for nothing this summer, yaay Holland. How does. @DarkoStateNews.

Editor-in-Chief at rychwiccy.eu Diet starts tomorrow. Detroit, MI. rychwiccy.eu Joined September Replying to @DarkoStateNews. Funny. I looked at this earlier. It was on my site. Where else can you get 18% guaranteed in less than 3. @DarkoStateNews I'm actually busy doing my job and checking twitter occasionally.

Return to being Moss's cabin boy and we'll call it even. Justin Spiro · @DarkoStateNews. Editor-in-Chief at rychwiccy.eu Darkostatenews twitter logo Director of The American Board of Intermittent Fasting.

Detroit, MI. @DarkoStateNews. Editor-in-Chief at rychwiccy.eu Associate Director of The American Board of Intermittent Fasting. Detroit, MI. Justin Spiro · @DarkoStateNews. Editor-in-Chief at. Replying to @ DarkoStateNews. Beilein is doing the same thing Izzo did darkostatenews twitter logo the darkostatenews twitter logo.

@DarkoStateNews. Editor-in-Chief at rychwiccy.eu Weekly contributor to The Schuiling Report. No faith in the Pistons until.